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I LOVE YOU Watch Showpiece

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I LOVE YOU model watch showpiece especially designed for waking someone up in the morning, the shell of the item is made of superior plastic, which is durable and breaking-proof. Stylish I LOVE YOU model is adopted to make the product more cute and it would decorate your home become more pretty.


The shell of the clock is made of superior plastic, which has the advantages of durability, scratching-proof and breaking-proof. Cute love model is adopted to make the clock more stylish and good-looking, and this clock would be a great gift for any one. Put the battery in the alarm clock before you use it, which is easy for you to operate this alarm clock. This alarm clock has a long battery life and does not have to change batteries frequently, which provide convenient using experiences for you.

Use Explain

1) Install battery : please open the back cover, indentify the sign place the battery in the battery box, the clock will work. finally close the cover.
2) Check time: Please revolution the left button untill standard time.

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